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Public tax lien auctions are governed by state law and conducted by the county government.  When the property owner pays their delinquent tax bill at the county office, the funds are immediately sent to the investor.


Interest rates for tax lien certificates are mandated by state law.  The rights to collect this interest are transferred to the tax lien certificate investor.  Even better, the county acts as the investor’s collections agent so you are not required to have any contact with the property owner.

Annual property taxes are generally 2-4% of the underlying property’s value.  Since a tax lien certificate is secured by the underlying real estate - the collateral coverage is 25-50 times the tax lien amount. Even if the value of the property was to fall by 50%, the asset coverage is still very substantial.



What are the risks?






With these risks in mind, it is important for the investor to perform due diligence before investing or to use the services of an experienced investment advisor like Treeview Capital Management LLC.

Investing in tax lien certificates is very safe. There are only two outcomes:  Either an investor will receive an attractive return on the investment through interest and/or penalties, or the investor will own the property through foreclosure.

How Safe are Tax Lien Certificates?